February 26, 2015: Landes farm duck tasting dinner

The 3rd tasting dinners session with our suppliers will be held on Thursday, February 26th at 21:00. The “Maison Paris” invites you to discover the best of duck at Marquet Gourmeterie restaurant

Maison Paris, located in Landes, south west of France, has 108 years of experience in farm duck breeding. Sandrine Lesgourgues, Adrienne Paris’ granddaughter, will host the evening. Adrienne Paris was the creator of the company, back in 1907.

The menu will offer a wide range of products:

– Rillette with foie gras, graisserons with foie gras and pâté with foie gras.

– Dried and smoked duck breast.

– Vintage goose foie gras and duck foie gras.

– Breast and confit “devant”.

The wines accompanying these dishes will be carefully selected in order to perfect your evening.

Price per person : 50 euros, all inclusive.

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