Amalia Marquet presents “Dones de Gust”


It is sometimes said that gastronomy world is a bit macho. In order to fight against the curse, Amalia Marquet launches “Dones de Gust”.

As its name suggests, Dones de Gust (Women of Taste) is an activity reserved for women. What is it about? Amalia wishes to animate discussions both didactic and playful about gastronomy: wine tasting classes, savoir-vivre and know-how, discovery of quality products, tips for home,…

And since we live in a cosmopolitan country, these workshops will be given in Catalan, French, Castilian and English, if the request is sufficient, at least 6 participants per language.

Useful information:

– 1 session per language per month.

– Wednesday evening at 7:00 pm.

– Average duration: 90 minutes.

– On registration only.

– Minimum number of participants per workshop: 6 participants.

– Maximum number of participants per workshop: 11 participants.

– Price per workshop: from 20 to 35 euros depending on the tasted product(s).

– Discounts on products if purchased the same day.

The first workshop in Catalan will take place on Wednesday, March 1st at 7:00 pm, at Gourmeterie Marquet, Plaça Coprinceps in Escaldes-Engordany.


First topic: Wine etiquette and good manners


Reservation: 820 722 &

Ladies, Amalia is waiting for you!

October 4th 2016 : Tasting dinner with Maison Louis Jadot


At Marquet, we have been thinking for a long time about a new dinner-event similar to those we have been organizing lately. But this time we wanted to prepare something special that would be much more closely linked to our more than 40 years of history. After giving a lot of thought, we believed that there was no better idea than to pay a tribute to Maison Louis Jadot, one of the houses with which we have worked the most all these years and in which we find many of the values that we always seek in the products we offer you: tradition, rigor and quality.

Founded in Beaune, in the heart of Burgundy, in 1859, Louis Jadot has produced exceptional wines that they have promoted around the world. It is one of the most recognized dealers by both wine professionals and by amateurs, with more than 225Ha in the Mâconnais, the Côte d’Or and the Beaujolais, covering most of the appellations of the great Burgundy wine culture. The Maison Louis Jadot cares about its productions with the utmost rigor, whether they are a small regional appellation or a “grand cru”,  so to maintain the diversity of the wines of Burgundy and to ensure the sustainability of their “Climats”. A mission that fully coincides with the will of Marquet and in which we met in 2015 to support the UNESCO declaration of the “Climats de Bourgogne” as world heritage.

For the dinner that will take place on October 4th, we have been advised by Anthony Ravat, oenologist and Louis Jadot’s sales manager for France, who will also be present at the dinner to comment the chosen wines. These are 3 white and 2 reds, very representative of the diversity of the Burgundy’s wine production diversity.

We will start with a Bouzeron 2014 White, made at 100% of Aligoté, an ancient variety that was already cultivated in the region during the seventeenth century, and that will go along  with oysters Spéciales Gillardeau No. 3 as appetizer. We will continue with a “pâté en croûte” that is going to be served with a Marsannay “Clos du Roy” 2013, a Pinot Noir, Burgundy’s most common red variety, but that in this climat in particular has an exceptional quality which makes it a candidate to be soon a future “premier cru”. We will have after a sole with sauce “beurre blanc” and almonds to is going to be accompanied by a Santenay “Clos de Malte” 2014, a mineral Chardonnay that combines perfectly with this type of fish dishes. For the meat, that is going to be “pluma ibérica”, we thought of a Morgon “Côte du Py” 2011. This is an extraordinary Gamay, which has enough qualities to be a wine for aging and that surprises with its complexity and depth. And finally, the assortment of cheeses Xavier will be partnered with a Rully 2014, another Chardonnay which is cared for as a great wines of the Côte d’Or and that unites delicacy with powerful fruity aromas.

The price per person for this exceptional evening, which will take place at Marquet Gourmeterie in Plaça Coprinceps, is 50€.

March 26, 2015: tasting dinner with Carpier

IMG_7860 Lomo salmon remolacha vodka

We are already at the 4th session of tasting dinners in cooperation with our suppliers.

This Thursday, March 26, at 21:00, a close friend invites you to the restaurant Marquet Gourmeterie: Carpier, the reference in terms of smoked salmon and other products.

For once, we do not disclose the menu in advance. You will eat smoked salmon and other smoked fish in different dishes, just as appetizing as each other. Including smoked salmon fillet with gin tonic.

The evening will be hosted by Jordi Sanchez and Mr. CARlos PIERnas himself. Now you know why the company is called Carpier…

Price per person : 50 euros, all inclusive.

Book now!

February 26, 2015: Landes farm duck tasting dinner


The 3rd tasting dinners session with our suppliers will be held on Thursday, February 26th at 21:00. The “Maison Paris” invites you to discover the best of duck at Marquet Gourmeterie restaurant

Maison Paris, located in Landes, south west of France, has 108 years of experience in farm duck breeding. Sandrine Lesgourgues, Adrienne Paris’ granddaughter, will host the evening. Adrienne Paris was the creator of the company, back in 1907.

The menu will offer a wide range of products:

– Rillette with foie gras, graisserons with foie gras and pâté with foie gras.

– Dried and smoked duck breast.

– Vintage goose foie gras and duck foie gras.

– Breast and confit “devant”.

The wines accompanying these dishes will be carefully selected in order to perfect your evening.

Price per person : 50 euros, all inclusive.

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Celaya hot chocolate


Well, it’s winter… So who would refuse a cup or a large bowl of hot chocolate? Especially when the hot chocolate in question is produced by Valrhona !

Celaya chocolate drink contains 17.5% dark chocolate. This dark chocolate is diluted in partly skimmed milk to give a powerful and velvety soft at a time.

Come to our stores to taste a cup (€ 3.00) and, once you are convinced, you can buy one-liter bricks (€ 9.00). That will be a good way to delight everyone after a great day on the mountain.

November 20th, 2014 : Beaujolais Nouveau party


French tradition since 1951, Beaujolais Nouveau is released on the third Thursday of November. That day, the 20th, Marquet and the French Embassy in Andorra co-organize with the Illa Carlemany shopping center, a 2014 vintage tasting party. Come from 19:00 to the ground floor of the mall, please have 2 euros and you can therefore enjoy a drink and an appetizer.

November 6, 2014: Alsacian white wines tasting with Catherine Faller from Domaine Weinbach

Domaine Weinbach - Marquet - Andorra

Thursday, November 6, Marquet will have the great honor to welcome Catherine Faller, Domaine Weinbach Alsace wines producer. And as we are generous, we will share this moment with you. Two events :

At 18:00, free tasting at Marquet Gourmeterie. While tasting some wonderful wines from that Domaine, you will chat with Catherine Faller, whose charm and friendliness will seduce you.

At 21:00, tasting dinner at Marquet restaurant. Catherine Faller will detail all wines matching the unique menu, specially created for the event. Good wine + good food = good atmosphere …

Afternoon tasting is open to all. For the dinner (40,00 € all included), please book your table as soon as possible.

Let us remind you that wines from Domaine Weinbach are among the best in the region. Fine food & drink lovers, join us for these special moments !

Nous olis d’oliva aromatitzats de la casa Aromatiks

Oli oliva Aromatiks Marquet Andorra

Quatre olis Aromatiks han arribat a casa Marquet:

-oli d’oliva amb llimona

-oli d’oliva amb vainilla

-oli d’oliva amb pebrot vermell

-oli d’oliva amb alfàbrega

Elaborats a prop de la muntanya de Montserrat, aquests olis d’oliva segueixen un procés de maceració lenta i freda. L’ingredient seleccionat (llimona, vainilla, bitxo o alfàbrega) es summergeix dins l’oli d’oliva durant un llarg període. De tal manera que transmet a l’oli totes les propietats, tota la seva essència i tot el seu gust.

I aqui rau la clau de l’èxit: el gust.

Prenem com exemple l’oli aromatitzat amb llimona. L’hem tastat amb arròs, senzillament i el resultat és impressionant. És un oli molt equilibrat. Es nota a la vegada un gust marcat d’un bon oli d’oliva i el sabor lleugerament àcid de la llimona. Tot són matisos en aquest oli.

Tasteu-lo. Paga realment la pena.

Preu a la botiga: 7,95 € l’ampolla de 250ml. Disponibles a la Gourmeterie de la Plaça Coprínceps i a Cal Marquet del centre comercial Illa Carlemany, a Escaldes, Andorra.

Spéciales Gillardeau oysters are here!


We are in September, the first of eight “R” months. It means the first month of Spéciales Gillardeau oysters at Marquet. We just receive them, they are perfect this year again.

Coming from Marennes-Oléron, France, they are availabe in three sizes :
– No. 2, 86 g. to 110 g.
– No. 3, 70 g. to 85 g.
– No. 4, 46 g. to 65 g.
Prices range from 2.00 to 3.00 euros (take away) and 2.90 to 3.90 euros (at Marquet).

For the record, Jordi Marquet was the first to offer these high-quality oysters in Andorra, twenty years ago.

Don’t you want to eat them right now ? Share this information and you will get 2 (two) No. 4 oysters for free next time you’ll stop by our stores at Illa Carlemany and Plaça Coprinceps in Escaldes-Engordany.

The last bottles of Niepoort Lacrima Port wine

Porto Niepoort Lacrima

The Niepoort Lacrima Port production has been stopped a few years ago. Therefore it is difficult to find a bottle on the market. Difficult, except at Marquet which still offers a few bottles for sale. Despite the scarcity, price remains reasonable: 15,50 euros.

Port wine is called a fortified wine. In other words, it is a wine to which eau de vie spirit is added to stop its fermentation process. This Niepoort Port is well appreciated as an aperitif wine or served with a dessert. Indeed, “Lacrima” refers to the “extra sweet” Port version, with more than 130 grams of sugar per liter.

Enjoy it between 13° and 15°, it will taste better than served out of the fridge.

The term “lacrima” comes from tears (or legs) left on the walls of the glass.

For fans and connoisseurs !