March 26, 2015: tasting dinner with Carpier

We are already at the 4th session of tasting dinners in cooperation with our suppliers.

This Thursday, March 26, at 21:00, a close friend invites you to the restaurant Marquet Gourmeterie: Carpier, the reference in terms of smoked salmon and other products.

For once, we do not disclose the menu in advance. You will eat smoked salmon and other smoked fish in different dishes, just as appetizing as each other. Including smoked salmon fillet with gin tonic.

The evening will be hosted by Jordi Sanchez and Mr. CARlos PIERnas himself. Now you know why the company is called Carpier…

Price per person : 50 euros, all inclusive.

Book now!

November 6, 2014: Alsacian white wines tasting with Catherine Faller from Domaine Weinbach

Thursday, November 6, Marquet will have the great honor to welcome Catherine Faller, Domaine Weinbach Alsace wines producer. And as we are generous, we will share this moment with you. Two events :

At 18:00, free tasting at Marquet Gourmeterie. While tasting some wonderful wines from that Domaine, you will chat with Catherine Faller, whose charm and friendliness will seduce you.

At 21:00, tasting dinner at Marquet restaurant. Catherine Faller will detail all wines matching the unique menu, specially created for the event. Good wine + good food = good atmosphere …

Afternoon tasting is open to all. For the dinner (40,00 € all included), please book your table as soon as possible.

Let us remind you that wines from Domaine Weinbach are among the best in the region. Fine food & drink lovers, join us for these special moments !