The new menu of Restaurant Marquet

When is a restaurant said to be good? When one eats well there!…

With a view always to staying in this category, a new chef has just been welcomed to the Marquet team. Within only a few days, Sergi had prepared a new menu with Emilio, our patisserie chef. It has been completely rethought, simplified and modernised. In one word: better!

Here is a brief overview.

The appetisers conserve their timeless charm: Joselito ham, ham croquettes and charcuterie, Italian charcuterie, homemade foie gras (yes, it’s prepared here at Marquet), caviar, Carpier smoked salmon (see photo), anchovies, cod fritters, cheeses…

The salads have been reformulated, only their names remain. For cheese enthusiasts, tomato/mozzarella or goat’s cheese. For lovers of fish and seafood, tuna belly, smoked salmon (new) or Kamchatka crab.

A new category: cold specialities and cold soups, such as prawn or veal carpaccio (see photo), steak tartare prepared before you, and three soups including a refreshing vegetable and strawberry gazpacho (see photo).

With regard to pasta, Sergi has opted for linguini with three accompaniments, including the original version of carbonara sauce, that is to say without cream (see photo). Much better, in fact!

Then, the hot dishes. Here we range from the simple, such as the panaché of seasonal vegetables, to the sophisticated, such as the beef tournedos rolled in Joselito panceta with foie gras! Between these two, please pay particular attention to the fried ‘estrellats’ eggs, accompanied with fried potato. Nor let us forget two classic dishes: the duck breast in Armagnac and the 500g. Irish entrecote.

Fish? Yes, of course! Apart from the fish-of-the-day which you can discover there and then, savour our Icelandic cod fillet or treat yourself to THE grilled lobster.

Now we arrive at the desserts, the domain of MasterChef Emilio. Let us focus upon two wonders. The first: the cheesecake which will surely cause you to exclaim that it is the best you have ever tasted. The second wonder is truly surprising: a sweet burger! A dessert of Dulcey chocolate with caramelised mint, fruit, and a little more chocolate (see photo)… The other desserts offer the same degree of pleasure.

View the full menu here. Come for lunch or for dinner chez Marquet. You will feel Sergi’s and Emilio’s dynamism throughout the dishes we serve.

It must be said, something new is happening at Marquet!