The last bottles of Niepoort Lacrima Port wine

The Niepoort Lacrima Port production has been stopped a few years ago. Therefore it is difficult to find a bottle on the market. Difficult, except at Marquet which still offers a few bottles for sale. Despite the scarcity, price remains reasonable: 15,50 euros.

Port wine is called a fortified wine. In other words, it is a wine to which eau de vie spirit is added to stop its fermentation process. This Niepoort Port is well appreciated as an aperitif wine or served with a dessert. Indeed, “Lacrima” refers to the “extra sweet” Port version, with more than 130 grams of sugar per liter.

Enjoy it between 13° and 15°, it will taste better than served out of the fridge.

The term “lacrima” comes from tears (or legs) left on the walls of the glass.

For fans and connoisseurs !