Promotion Comtesse du Barry Foie Gras

As from 29th. July, Marquet is promoting Comtesse du Barry foie gras. As the choice is so wide, here is a brief tutorial:

A block or whole?
A whole foie gras is not manipulated in any way. It is composed of one or two whole ‘lobes’ of liver. A block of foie gras contains emulsified foie gras, guaranteeing a homogeneous taste. It allows one to discover this pleasure at least cost.

Duck or goose?
When you taste goose foie gras, you will appreciate its finesse, delicacy and elegance. It is pinker in appearance than duck foie gras. The latter asserts itself more in the mouth.

How to serve?
Always cool, never iced. Allow it to breathe for 15 minutes before slicing it with an unserrated knife previously rinsed in warm water.

And to accompany?
Beware of clichés… avoid very sweet wines. Marquet would recommend a wine from Alsace, or from Hungary or vintage port.

Let us return to our current promotion of three identical foies with a discount of 25% on each other individual foie. This offer will cease when our stocks are exhausted! A visit to Marquet is essential!